Pro Plant Care Testimonials:




"Pro Plant Care has been providing interior plantscape, and most recently exterior landscape maintenance, to Park Place Shopping Centre since 1998. I have had the pleasure of working with Lesley and her team since 2006.  Since that time, they have provided exemplary service and care with an attention to detail to be rivaled by none.   It is Pro Plant Care’s commitment to excellence within the field that has helped improve our indoor air quality, partly resulting in our BOMA BEST – Level 4 designation for environmental sustainability. 

Kevin Brees, General Manager

HAUL ALL SURE FLAME - Since March 2004

"For a number if years Haul-All had plants in the reception are and in various offices that were not healthy, full of dust and not appealing. It was difficult and time consuming for anyone to attempt to take care of them. Since Pro Plant Care has been coming in on a weekly basis to take care of our plants, we have had clean, healthy plants for everyone to enjoy at minimal cost. Thank you so much for your efforts in making Haul-All a cleaner and healthier place to work!"
Alvin Kolibar , Materials Manager


TRAINING INC. - Since March 2001

"I am delighted to tell all of Lethbridge how much I appreciate your services. We have wonderful plants that are always healthy and beautiful without me having to ever do anything with them. I love the different kinds of plants you have chosen for our business, some that bloom during the year and others that are perfect to hide office equipment behind. Most of all I appreciate the extra things you do for us, like taking care of a bouquet of flowers that was forgotten over the weekend, taking care of our seasonal plants without being asked. Thanks so much for all you do!”
Connie Russell, Owner

BANK OF MONTREAL - Since Sept 1997

"We have had live plants and Lesley and her staff looking after them in our building since the branch opened 10 years ago. The plants always are well looked after and certainly add a touch of personality to our office. They are redistributed around the office as needed, transplanted and add a splash of green to our surroundings!”
Erna Dyck, Branch Manager


ENERGY SMART- Since March 2006

“Pro Plant Care has made a huge difference in the décor of our showroom. Lesley chose the right plants and placed them in the perfect space around our gazebos, hot tubs and in our offices. Every week Pro Plant Care staff come in to tend to the plants, so it doesn’t take any effort on our part. They also provide plants for our booths at local shows. Pro Plant Care is always willing to go the extra mile. Thanks you for your great service!”
Stella Reger, Owner


ELDORADO RV – Since Oct 2012

“I enjoyed your presentation you gave at BNI seminar a few weeks ago and liked the fact of how live plants increase feelings of well being by 84% and that they filter toxins in the air by 87%. Since the day that you and Julie adorned our showroom with fresh live plants we have had nothing but compliments from our staff and customers alike on what a difference the atmosphere is with clean, healthy plants instead of artificial ones. Even though it been a short time since the transformation, I personally have noticed and felt more comfortable with my familiar surroundings.

Please feel free to send friends and future customers over to our place of business to see the difference live plants make in a work environment, or have them give me a call if they have any questions I might be of service with."
Greg Knopp, General Sales Manager



Lesley I would like to thank you for the outstanding service that you and your staff at Pro Plant Care provide us. The plants that you have placed throughout our dealership are absolutely outstanding. We love the fact they are always healthy and beautiful and it is comforting to know that they provide a healthier work environment for me and my staff.”
Doug Dubnyk, Co-owner



“I do not have any trouble promoting Lesley’s business or the service she has provided over the past years. I personally believe that having real plants promote a healthier surrounding especially in a typically "starker" commercial environment. I appreciate the weekly attention and care provided by Leslie and her team, and the way they care for the plants and water feature.”
Rollie Beauschene, Owner



"We Love you and what you have done for us and our environment. Warm fuzzy feelings were experienced when we came in this morning and saw what you had done."
Carol Tyssen, Office Manager


KOPI KO AND MORE - Since July 2006

“Several years ago we hired Pro Plant Care to install tropical plants to greet our clients for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We transformed our entrance, you can too. Pro Plant Care makes it easy and economical.”
Lorraine Birch, Owner


“From start to finish, Lesley and her team were fantastic! Lesley stopped in for a free consultation to check out our space and talk about what we needed. Sho provided photos and info about the plants she planned to bring in and had a quote for is in records time. Once we gave her the go ahead, the plantswere in our office within 4 days…Out office is brighter and more welcoming for our staff and clients, all thanks to Pro plant Care and Lesley’s team.”
Rhianna Wrubleski, Graphic Designer


execuserv plus inc. - Since Nov 2010

We’ve offered business services and programs since 1988. We recently moved into the south end of the old Brick building and enlisted Pro Plant Care to add the finishing touches with their beautiful tropical plants, best part, of course, is we don’t have to do anything, not even the watering!”
Gillian Nish, founder and President